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The Salad Club

The Salad Club

‘The Salad Club’ is about to revolutionise lunchtime in the work place!

Bring excitement back into SALADS and back into your WORK PLACE

Use the delicious recipes at HOME for inspiration and variety!

Join the lunchtime revolution… It takes dining in the work place to a whole NEW level.

It’s not just the title of a book; it’s a novel and exciting concept that will change how and what we eat for lunch at work, who makes our lunch, and how much we look forward to lunch times!

Imagine eating a healthy, delicious lunch every day at work…without having to come up with the ideas and without having to make it. Imagine your work colleagues planning, making and bringing in the lunches. Imagine only having to bring lunch in one day a week.

If you buy your lunch most days, think of the savings and more importantly, the health benefits of eating nutritious, homemade meals.

Like all great ideas, The Salad Club is simple, it’s easy, it’s inexpensive…and it’s a huge amount of fun!

Title: The Salad Club
Author: Jacqui Kelly
Publisher: Script 13 Pty Limited
ISBN: 978-0-9875676-1-1 (paperback)
Pages: 112
Photographs: 88 colour
Size: 206mm x 277mm x 8mm