The Salad Club Workplace Challenge 2014!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome to The Salad Club!

‘The Salad Club Workplace Challenge 2014!’ is about to start on Monday 10th February 2014, across Australia! 


Start 'The Salad Club' at your work place

                                                     …and eat awesome gourmet lunches every day!

  • ANYONE can join (vegetarians, gluten intolerance, allergies etc. catered to)
  • You only make your lunch ONCE a week
  • It’s unbelievably CONVENIENT
  • It’s HEATHY
  • It’s FRESH and EASY
  • You get so much VARIETY
  • It brings people TOGETHER around the table
  • It builds FRIENDSHIPS at work

Is your workplace up to the challenge?

How to enter:

Step 1 – Get a group of ‘The Salad Club’ members together at work. Any number is workable!

Step 2 – Take a photograph of your salad club group together and send it in with the hash tag  #thesaladclubc2014 and a #name for your group/company. This means you are joining the challenge and will be in the running for PRIZES! 

Step 3 – Start The Salad Club at work and have FUN! Once a week send in a photograph of your group’s favourite salad for that week (don’t forget to always #thesaladclubc2014 and #yourgroupname). Simple!

Throughout the challenge there will be PRIZES given for various achievements along the way! Creativity, humour, increased fitness levels, online interaction and loads more! The aim is HEALTH and FUN!

PLUS…your workplace will be in the running to have your very own recipe in the next book!!! Unbelievable!!!!

The official starting date is Monday 10th February…

BUT…anyone can join at anytime just by following the above steps.

If you want to send us photographs of other awesome salads you have made, you can (and this is encouraged)! But only one can be entered each week as your workplace ‘favourite’.

How do you Post?

You can post your workplace favourite salad each week via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram:

Facebook - http://https// 

Twitter - @TheSaladClub

Instagram - #thesaladclub

Use  #thesaladclubc2014  and  #yourgroupname  (don't forget to hash tag both every time!!)

It would be awesome if everyone can ‘like’ The Salad Club Facebook page (if you haven’t already) and ‘follow’ if you are on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with what’s going on. If you have any queries about the challenge, just ask!

The Salad Club book explains the rules and how to set up The Salad Club at your work place…and eat delicious gourmet lunches every day! It’s packed with awesome recipes for all year round so you can bring excitement back into SALADS and back into your WORK PLACE! They are available for purchase on the website.

Join the lunchtime revolution…it takes dining in the workplace to a whole NEW level!

See you online!

Health and happiness for 2014!

       All the best

       Eat, enjoy and laugh lots xx