Monday, January 06, 2014

Figs are generally in season from December – May.

They are a delicate, plump fruit soft in texture (but not mushy) and with a sweet aroma. They are usually dark purplish in colour. 

Figs perish quickly and need to be handled with care. To eat them, rinse under water, trim the end and eat!


Benefits of figs:

 They are low in calories

 High in dietary fibre, figs are good for the digestive system and constipation

 High in anti-oxidants, which protect from cancer, diabetes, degenerative diseases & infections

 Good for cholesterol

 Lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease

 Lower blood sugar levels and help to control blood glucose levels

 Help the body with with metabolism

 Great for the skin as it detoxifies and cleanses

 Figs (particularly dried figs) are a good source for minerals that include calcium, iron, potassium and manganese.

Some ideas to use figs:

Use figs in salads or eat on their own as a fruit. 

Great to add to nibble platters or to make jams or relish.