I was a bit dubious about The Salad Club at first... no carbs, no eggs, protein and dressings on the side…how could I cope? Two years on, I can say unconditionally that joining is one of the best things I've ever done! I enjoy 3 or 4 deliciously healthy salads each day, and only prepare my salad one day a week! A bonus is that I am better able to manage my weight.


Since I’ve been a member of The Salad Club, I’ve become excited about eating salad! It’s a race to the staffroom each lunch break to see what amazing salad creations are on offer each day. The Salad Club has also brought us together around the table each day; friendships have flourished as the salads nourished.


A wonderful alternative to boring work lunches. All the food is healthy and fresh. Some members are vegetarian, or gluten intolerant, or always dieting, so the salads are suitable for everyone. Some salads have become family classics. In the winter months, we have adapted some of our salads to soups, curries and ratatouille.


What’s for lunch? Anyone trying to be healthier, lose weight, lower their cholesterol, or improve fitness can usually find a very good reason to choose a Thai green curry chicken pie (it’s sound gourmet!) over ham and salad on crisp bread, no mayo. Even if you go for the lean option, you have to finish off with a full cream cappuccino…because you’ve been so good! What’s the alternative? Start The Salad Club! The benefits abound:

  • Convenience. You usually only prepare lunch once a week.
  • Variety. Every day, you feed on a smorgasbord of culinary delights, with new and exciting dishes. Who could forget pear poached in red wine salad? You dine on as many as 15 different salads a week!
  • Friendship. It’s fun to share the meal. There’s a camaraderie among salad clubbers that doesn’t exist in the peanut butter sandwich set.
  • Health. It’s almost impossible to be unhealthy when you’re eating this much good stuff. There’s no room for the triple choc cheesecake slice.
So we all love The Salad Club!


'What on earth will I have for lunch?' has become 'I wonder what's for lunch today?' Being part of The Salad Club spices up the day at work. Sharing salads and our salad successes has strengthened our friendships.


I wasn’t a member of The Salad Club when it first began at work, but every lunchtime I would look at the wonderful, colourful salads and drool as I ate boring leftovers. When the opportunity came up again, I joined. I love salads, and being part of The Salad Club means I can buy delicious fresh salad ingredients and enjoy shared gourmet salads each day at work. I don’t have to make lunch every day, and there’s the delicious anticipation of turning up at lunchtime and sharing the scrumptious offerings, not just drooling on the sidelines!


The most inspiring food at school ever. I look forward to lunches, mostly prepared by someone else! Delectable delights and interesting fare. Healthy as well as delicious. We make sure we present very different salads on the same day so that we enjoy more variety.


The Salad Club is the easiest way to eat a healthy, affordable and delicious lunch every work day. If you are considering starting a salad club at your work place I would say, ‘go for it!’